Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wrongful Birth Medical Malpractice Award is $2.9 Million in Oregon

Usually when reporting medical malpractice verdicts and settlements it is the phrase 'wrongful death' that comes up, not 'wrongful birth'. But a rare 'wrongful birth' trial reached a conclusion for the parents of child who was born with Downs Syndrome claiming doctors for medical negligence in pre-natal care, in the amount of $2.9 million for the lifetime care of the child. See article on OregonLive.com.

This of course stirs debate with anti-abortion forces. The Daily Beast details the conflict rising over The Legal Claims of Wrongful Birth vs. the Right to Lie Over Abortion...
When anti-abortion activists defend mandatory ultrasound rules, they often speak about a pregnant woman’s right to know. “Women have a right to know all the available medical and legal information surrounding the abortion decision before giving legally effective informed consent,” said Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell when he signed such a rule into law last week.

In some states, though, anti-abortion activists are pushing legislation to protect doctors who don’t give women all available information about their pregnancies. Arizona and Kansas are considering bills that would ban lawsuits in cases where doctors fail to warn their patients about birth defects.
Read more on The Daily Beast.


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Wrongful death is something that you would never want to happen. This is a good news though. Thanks a lot. Have a great day!