Monday, July 7, 2014

There Is No Medical Malpractice in Wisconsin

A former top medical malpractice attorney from Milwaukee, is quoted saying that "There is no medical malpractice in Wisconsin," in a watch dog report in the Journal Sentinel: Medical malpractice lawsuits plummet in Wisconsin.

The report blames state med mal caps and a $1 billion malpractice insurance fund from discouraging claims even in the face of apparent wrongdoing. According the article:
"The number of medical malpractice lawsuits filed in Wisconsin fell to 140 last year, a drop of more than 50% since 1999, court records show. Malpractice lawyers blame the decline on state laws that they say are skewed in favor of doctors and hospitals; medical groups contend that malpractice suits have declined because health care professionals have gotten better at their jobs."
"At the same time, a state-run malpractice insurance fund — created because of fears that medical malpractice insurance premiums would skyrocket without it — has grown to more than $1.15 billion, a total larger than all the money it has paid out during its entire 39-year history."
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