Thursday, April 30, 2009

In Wisconsin, $17.3 Million Settlement in Spleen Removal Case

Wisconsin's medical malpractice fund will pay a $17.3 million settlement to the family of a girl who was injured during a spleen removal surgery. The Wisconsin State Journal reports that the surgeon, used a procedure using small holes in the abdomen as opposed to a large incision.

"To retrieve the fist-sized spleen through one of the holes, he encased the organ in a bag and used a blender-like device called a morcellator to chop it up inside the girl’s body.... The device punctured the bag, cut major blood vessels and severed part of her bowel, causing serious blood loss and permanent brain damage, according to allegations in the lawsuit that the state fund confirmed."

It’s one of the largest payments by the fund, supported by fees from health care providers. Read full article here.