Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Connecticut Looks At Med Mal Review Law

The CT Mirror reported yesterday that attorneys are pushing for changes in that state's medical malpractice lawsuit procedures, specifically in how cases come to court.
"Since 2005, a patient wanting to claim damages from a doctor for alleged negligence must have his or her case reviewed by a similar health care provider, who will certify whether the claim has merit. If the patient can't get what's known as a good faith certificate, the courts will dismiss the case before it gets to trial."
 The report quotes the president of the Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association Mike Walsh:
"The term 'similar health care provider' was interpreted in such a rigid fashion that unless you had a doctor who was totally identical in terms of certifications and expertise and all the rest as the defendant, the courts would essentially dismiss the case..."
Please read the article at: The CT Mirror.

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