Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Hampshire Couple Brings Lawsuit Against McLean Hospital

The Boston Globe today carries an article of a lawsuit filed by a New Hampshire couple claiming McLean Hospital at fault for discharged patient who killed herself and the couple's two children in an incident on a Lowell highway in 2008.

According to the Boston Globe:

The Lamberts told the Globe after the deaths that McLean psychiatrists had diagnosed Thibault with bipolar disorder in September 2007 and discharged her six days later after prescribing psychotropic drugs and recommending outpatient therapy. But, the couple said, doctors never told family members about the risk Thibault might pose to others or herself.

“Had they been warned of this potential,’’ the Lamberts’ lawyer, Andrew C. Meyer Jr. of Boston, said yesterday, “they never would have allowed the children to be in her care that night.’’

Read the full article here: Lawsuit faults McLean in death of 2 innocents

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